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Time for a little night card reading.  With my Supernatural deck and @tarot_nerds Supernatural spread, let’s do this! 

The Road So Far:  10 of Blades, King of Blades, and Reversed Page of Blades.  PAIN, THE ROAD SO FAR HAS BEEN PAIN!  I have tired everything to deal with the pain.

Crossroads:  Star and Knight of Bones.  I went out on a limb with an idea and have been very much in control of myself with much hope going on.

The Road Ahead:  Reversed 8 of Goblets, 4 of Bones, and 7 of Goblets.  There can be a lot of good coming my way, if I try.

Journey’s End:  Reversed 7 of Blades.  It’s gonna end well.

And my own twist:  Fan Fic, Hermit.  And in the Supernatural deck it’s Bobby and this just makes me happy. 


Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  5 of Pentagrams and Flask.

I didn’t pull theses cards till now.  I spent the day cleaning and gearing up to go back the hellscape of work (I’m in retail).

As I am still in the mist of a Deep Fall Clean, I keep thinking what things I can do when it’s all clean.  When I have all my witchcraft and crafting spaces clean and organized, what all can I do?  What all will I not do because of executive dysfunction?

Today, it was a day of thinking and moving somewhat forward.