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Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild.

I just survived 6 days in a row at work, leading up to our Inventory.  This was my first day off in a week and I did nothing.  It was great.

But the cards call and let’s see how things are playing with Aces Wild reading.

I have Reversed 2 of Pentacles. 

WHY YES, I AM OUT OF BALANCE, THANK YOU FOR NOTICING!!!  It did rain yesterday and I turned the AC off and open the windows.  Is this fall?  No, but it is her knocking on the door.  I hope this fall will being me some balance.

I want 8 of Cups.

I want to leave summer in the past and bathe in the bosom of Fall.  And if that ain’t it, I am moving towards something, a new idea/project of sorts.

I don’t feel the Star. 

I feel hopeless?  I don’t buy into that.

I don’t think Reversed World.  Oh, I feel the World right now.

Overall, Wheel of Fortune.  Let’s just see how the rest of the week plays out.


Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild.

I am not dead.

 I suck on posting on my days off.  And with a 5-day weekend, I am happy I posted as much as I did.

So, clean slate this and see where Ace Wild takes me.

I don’t want Reversed Hierophant.  I don’t want a false prophet.  I am seeking truth and I need to get back on those fucking prompts…

I have Reversed Knight of Swords.  I have neglect on the ideas I have.  I am bogged down with physical work that I have not had a chance to think.

 I think Reversed Queen of Wands.  Again, have not had any time to think and there for, I think of nothing. 

 I feel Reversed Tower.  Yes.

Overall, the Fool.  Maybe I am at a start of something.  I need to do something.    Reversed Knight of Swords, Accept Love, and Affirmation for Growth.

Cards of the Day/WTF Tarot Check

Cards of the Day:  Having a day and I’m going to use a new spread I found, @notsomysticaltarot WTF Tarot Check In.

I am feeling Reversed 8 of Cups.  Am I?  I feel that I am not stuck in a rut.  Unless this is a new rut of me doing my daily goals and becoming a better person because, gods, that would be a sucky rut to be in.

I am finding Ace of Pentacles.  Yes!  I am finding that this new lesson plan month works for me.  I am seeing the Halloween stuff popping out, and it’s Back To School at the store.  Fall is coming!  My witchy time is coming, and I need to prepare for it!

I am failing Reversed 10 of Wands.  For today, yes.  I let my laziness win today.  I need to work on that, so my weekend off is not spent on not doing things.

I am forgetting Queen of Swords.  I am forgetting myself.  June was not a good month for me, and I am fucking determined to make July my bitch. 

Overall, Sun.  Yes, there is a heat adversity out for this week. 

And I am working on being happy all the time.