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Mystical Penguin Tarot

Penguins are not very witchy animals, but they are my favorite.

When I saw an ad on Facebook for a Kickstart of a penguin tarot deck, yes.

I did not have the best experience with that campaign, but I have my deck.  A whole tarot deck, in RWS style, all with penguins.

Using @owlandbonestarot spread, let’s crack into this deck!

Where does your wisdom lie?  High Priestess.  Starting off strong with saying you got things to tell me. 

What is your inner strength?  Page of Swords.  Exploring pain.  It is the cute ones that have the sharpest teeth.

What might you not see?  Magician.  The shit that is going on in the now.  Maybe not the deck to go to for current problems.

What makes you soar?  Reversed Queen of Pentacles.  Dreams, dreams make you soar 

Where do you feel grounded?  Reversed 8 of Pentacles.  What makes you grounded is the easy way.  Are you going to be blunt?  I can take bunt.  I don’t think I have a blunt tarot deck.

Where will you dig in?  Tower.  My answer to all problems at work is “Set it on fire.”  That is my plan A, want a different plan, ask a different person.  With this deck saying it’s going to dig in with the tower, I think it’s the same as me and “Set it on fire”.

Who are you at your bare bones?  The World.  We’ll come back to this in a minute.

Overall, Strength. 

I think this deck is going to be blunt, very well thoughtful and blunt.  With the World card coming up at the end, I think this deck will be honest as fuck.

Oh, I think this is going to be fun.