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Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day: 3 of Swords, Reversed Judgment, and 3 of Wands.

The Boyfriend is here and we are seeing Wakanda Forever today, along with other fun, city going activities.

The movie will be sad, Barns and Noble won’t have any books for me, but the day will be good, overall.


Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  Reversed 2 of Wands, Reversed Knight of Wands, and Strength.

I’m back at work and it is as bad as I thought it would be:  there’s a fucking Christmas tree up.  Advent doesn’t start till the 27th!

For today, chickens, we need to find our strength to get through the blars that are tearing us down. 

Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  Reversed Everything Is Fine, Reversed Hermit, and the Sun.

This deck, where do I start?

If you look back on the interview I did, Modern Witch came to me with a hell of an attitude and hard to shuffle.  I think we will be fine to work with, and I shuffled the deck, and fucking hell, what is this reading?

For today, I need to do a card reading.  I will not understand it, but it will do me good.

This month is going to be a trip with this deck, ain’t it?