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Ghoulish Garb’s Terror Tarot

Last October, my good friend, @Stitchedfox, gifted me Ghoulish Garb’s Terror Tarot. 

 Well, I finally got around to the deck.  And with @owlandbonestarot Interview Spread, away we go!

 Where does your wisdom lie?  Judgment.  Only a major’s deck, this tracks.  I feel that I will treat this deck as more of an oracle than a tarot.  I have had problems trying to read two tarot decks simultaneously. 

 What is your inner strength?  Temperance.  A deck of balance, a deck that will mellow me out.  I can use that about now. 

 What might you not see?  Reversed Hierophant.  While being mellow and balanced, this deck might not try me with readings.  I like this idea and am not digging it at the same time.  I like a deck that challenges me and don’t want this deck to be a blah deck.

What makes you soar?  Justice.  Inner strength of Temperance and soaring Justice.  Makes me optimistic!

 Where do you feel grounded?  Reversed Tower.  With the meaning of personal/self-reflecting, this might be a good deck for some deep questions.

Where will you dig in?  Reversed Moon.  Moody.  You are a deck to go to with moody questions.

 Who are you at your bare bones?  Reversed Sun.  Cut through the bullshit and give me the raw truth.

 Overall, any reading with this deck will give me the Fool, but I think that will work.

The vibes I get is that this is a deck for moody self-reflecting that will give me an honest look at things.  Let me bring my problems, and you will set me on the right path, à la the Fool.