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Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  3 of Discs, Tower, and 8 of Cups.

Writing that blog post/s is gonna be ugly to do, but will be worth it in the end.


True Heart Intuitive Tarot

Last October, I went on a birthday shopping frenzy.  When the dust settled, Rachel True’s True Heart Intuitive Tarot was a victor.

I got this deck because I heard good things about the guidebook.  And the book is good.  True takes the Major Arcana and shows how the cards can turn up in our lives with examples from her life. 

I also found the book a bit fluffy at times but still down to earth. 

Overall, great deck and book for a beginner or a seasoned pro.  I can not wait to start using it.

With @owlandbonestarot interview spread, let’s see how this deck is.

Where does your wisdom lie?  Reversed Justice.  Is this a deck that will only show one side of the story?  That can be dangerous.

What is your inner strength?  Reversed King of Cups.  All the feels.  This is a deck of all the feels.  And after reading the guidebook, oo boy.

What might you not see?  Tower.  You won’t see the aftermath.  Are you a deck that only shows the here and now and nothing more?  A tarot deck that says don’t see the future is funny.

What makes you soar?  King of Discs.  A deck in the real, not all dreamy.  But you said you are about all the feels so… Strong in emotions but better with the real.  Hmmm.

Where do you feel grounded?  Reversed 7 of Cups.  Being grounded.    :-/

Where will you dig in?  2 of Cups.  If we work well together, I will learn so much from you.

Who are you at your bare bones?  4 of Swords.  A deck that will bring me pause.

Overall, Death.  I see this as a deck that is going to push me. I am ready for this.