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Cards of the Week

Cards of the Week for April 4th to the 10th:  Reversed 8 of Bats, Joy, Calla Lily, and Pumpkin.

Day 4 of the month and Joy showed up 3 times already…

This week, listen to your heart for that joy you are seeking.  It will protect you. 

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Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild

I want Reversed Queen of Bats.  Yeah, this one is not making any sense.  I want discouragement of my passion?  No, this is not what I want…

I have Strength.  Yes, I do.

I feel Reversed Queen of Ghosts.  Nothing.  I feel nothing.  Yes, I have been feeling blar as hell.

I think 8 of Pumpkins.  I do not think of good times at work.  Unless, we are talking about all the fun I am going to have getting all my year projects done.

Overall, Strength.  I am tried of always digging deep to make to the next day. 

Gods, this reading did not help me.

Card of the Month

On the 1st of the year I pull 12 cards for each month.

Well, we’re here, December.  I hope your 2021 was better then your 2020, mine was.

December’s card is the Reversed 10 of Bats: seeking help.

This is a good card to end the year on. No matter what is going on with your life, don’t be scared to ask for help. Rather it’s about your health or doing the dishes, if you need it, seek the help. We can’t carry everything on our shoulders. Get some help with that.

Cards of the Week

Cards of the Week for October 4th to 10th:  2 of Bats, Trick-or-Treating, and Water Lilly.

This week, is my birthday week!  Tomorrow is my birthday and I am gearing up for a trip to see my boyfriend and our girlfriend.

The cards are telling me I need to play, let my hair down and just have some good, old fashion fun.