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Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild

I haven’t done this spread in a while, and I need some directions.

I have Ace of Wands.  Yes, I have all this new in me.  I have made plans, but I just can’t get off my ass and do the things!

I want Reversed 6 of Swords.  I want to stay in a rut?  That’s that fear creeping into my mind.  I want to move, but I just feel unable to.

I don’t think Reversed Sun.  Too much good times in my life right now….

I feel Reversed Queen of Wands.  YES!  I don’t feel anything right now!  I work retail, and with Black Friday and Christmas coming towards me like a black train of death, I have stress and anxiety!  Good times!

Overall:  Chariot.  Fuck, I need to focus on what I want and then act on it…


Cards of the Day/Modern Witch Interview

Cards of the Day:  Modern Witch Deck Interview. 

This deck.

I don’t know when or how, but I know that the Modern Witch deck caught my eye.  An RWS variant, the deck reads fem and queer, and I felt that this was tapping into a part of me that no deck has before.

And then I tried to shuffle it.

This deck is stiff as fuck, and once I got into it, I threw the cards for my @owlandbonestarot Interview spread.

It said no.

I shuffled again and threw the cards.

It said no again.

I walked away from this deck and then came back to it.  I fanned the cards out and gave the deck a pre-interview interview.

It wants to be spread out and picked from, not shuffled and dealt with.


Let’s crack into the fucking deck.

Where does your wisdom lie?  Reversed Magician.  You want me to throw away all my notes and just read you pure?  This is going to be a learning curve.

What is your inner strength?  Knight of Wands.  A focus on yourself.  Again, if I have to read you as is, you will be telling me things about yourself, using you to get what I want.

What might you not see?  Emperor.  The fucking rules.  You are going to go off-script.

What makes you soar?  Reversed Knight of Cups.  Being fucking real.  It’s all coded messages, but once the code is cracked, it’s all real.

Where do you feel grounded?  Reversed 4 of Wands.  Getting up into people’s business. 

Where will you dig in?  Page of Cup.  You want to explore the subconscious mind and dreams and emoticons.  This is going to hurt.

Who are you at your bare bones?  4 of Cups.  Rebuild your life to receive blessings/emotional time-out.

And overall, Strength.

Fuck, what did I get myself into?

Cards of the Day/Jack-O’-Lantern Spread

Cards of the Day:  Jack-O’-Lantern Spread.

I am home and my shop is open!  And for fun, I am having a sale!  Use the discount code 1031 to receive 31% off!

And to add to the fun, I’m brining back my Jack-O’-Lantern spread for the month!

Heart of the Issue:  Cauldron.  Change.  I am making active change to my life and only want to add more to it.

Hidden Issue:  Lady de Los Muertos. What will be will be. I need to understand that and be ready to break that.

Major Obstacle: Joy. The changes I am working on will make me happier. And there is a part of me that doesn’t think I deserve to be happy.

Main Fear: Trick-Or-Treat. That I won’t be able to change and everything will stay the same.

Solution: Nightsong. If I am doing this, it’s going to take more then me to get it done.

What will happen if I engage the solution: Werewolf. I will win.

Overall, I have a better plan on what I need to do and how to do it.

Cards of the Day/Something new

Cards of the Day: Let’s try something new tonight.

Water Element, I feel Letters.  I feel open.  I feel the change in the season and the change in me.

Fire Element, I want Toad.  I want the peace I seek with the surroundings that I have.  I am working on that.

Air Element, I think Climbing Rosebush.  I think about what I want and how to get to that.  I play out all the consequences before I strike. 

Earth Element, I have New Moon.  I have that newness to me and I am ready to roll with it!

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Mystical Penguin Tarot

Penguins are not very witchy animals, but they are my favorite.

When I saw an ad on Facebook for a Kickstart of a penguin tarot deck, yes.

I did not have the best experience with that campaign, but I have my deck.  A whole tarot deck, in RWS style, all with penguins.

Using @owlandbonestarot spread, let’s crack into this deck!

Where does your wisdom lie?  High Priestess.  Starting off strong with saying you got things to tell me. 

What is your inner strength?  Page of Swords.  Exploring pain.  It is the cute ones that have the sharpest teeth.

What might you not see?  Magician.  The shit that is going on in the now.  Maybe not the deck to go to for current problems.

What makes you soar?  Reversed Queen of Pentacles.  Dreams, dreams make you soar 

Where do you feel grounded?  Reversed 8 of Pentacles.  What makes you grounded is the easy way.  Are you going to be blunt?  I can take bunt.  I don’t think I have a blunt tarot deck.

Where will you dig in?  Tower.  My answer to all problems at work is “Set it on fire.”  That is my plan A, want a different plan, ask a different person.  With this deck saying it’s going to dig in with the tower, I think it’s the same as me and “Set it on fire”.

Who are you at your bare bones?  The World.  We’ll come back to this in a minute.

Overall, Strength. 

I think this deck is going to be blunt, very well thoughtful and blunt.  With the World card coming up at the end, I think this deck will be honest as fuck.

Oh, I think this is going to be fun. 

Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild.

I just survived 6 days in a row at work, leading up to our Inventory.  This was my first day off in a week and I did nothing.  It was great.

But the cards call and let’s see how things are playing with Aces Wild reading.

I have Reversed 2 of Pentacles. 

WHY YES, I AM OUT OF BALANCE, THANK YOU FOR NOTICING!!!  It did rain yesterday and I turned the AC off and open the windows.  Is this fall?  No, but it is her knocking on the door.  I hope this fall will being me some balance.

I want 8 of Cups.

I want to leave summer in the past and bathe in the bosom of Fall.  And if that ain’t it, I am moving towards something, a new idea/project of sorts.

I don’t feel the Star. 

I feel hopeless?  I don’t buy into that.

I don’t think Reversed World.  Oh, I feel the World right now.

Overall, Wheel of Fortune.  Let’s just see how the rest of the week plays out.

Inner Witch Oracle

I don’t remember how but I do recall discovering a website called Kickstarter and finding three decks I had to have. 

And one of them was Practical Magic Inner Witch Oracle by @groundedbythemoon .

The artwork was what seduced me.  Yes, I know the movie and book and am delighted by the cards.  This whole deck is just the witchy vibe I live for.

Breaking out @owlandbonestarot Interview Spread, let’s see how this deck rides!

Where does your wisdom lie?  Firefly.  Around the edges.  You may not tell me directly, but you tell me.

What is your inner strength?  Lavender.  Being calm in the storm.  Will you be a soothing voice I need in times of trouble?

What might you not see?  Resurrection.  Epp.  You may not see the risks that are out there.  Ain’t that the point of divining is to SEE what may or may not happen?  Is this what you meant when you said your wisdom lies around the edges?

What makes you soar?  Witches Boots.  You are not going to be a liar, but if you can’t see, how am I sure you are not lying?

Where do you feel grounded?  Blood on the Moon.  In fate.  Ok…

Where will you dig in?  Sparrow.  In times of trouble.  Ok…

Who are you at your bare bones?  Rosemary.  Healing.

Overall, I am getting some mixed messages on how this deck will run. 

This should be a fun deck to break in. 

Ghoulish Garb’s Terror Tarot

Last October, my good friend, @Stitchedfox, gifted me Ghoulish Garb’s Terror Tarot. 

 Well, I finally got around to the deck.  And with @owlandbonestarot Interview Spread, away we go!

 Where does your wisdom lie?  Judgment.  Only a major’s deck, this tracks.  I feel that I will treat this deck as more of an oracle than a tarot.  I have had problems trying to read two tarot decks simultaneously. 

 What is your inner strength?  Temperance.  A deck of balance, a deck that will mellow me out.  I can use that about now. 

 What might you not see?  Reversed Hierophant.  While being mellow and balanced, this deck might not try me with readings.  I like this idea and am not digging it at the same time.  I like a deck that challenges me and don’t want this deck to be a blah deck.

What makes you soar?  Justice.  Inner strength of Temperance and soaring Justice.  Makes me optimistic!

 Where do you feel grounded?  Reversed Tower.  With the meaning of personal/self-reflecting, this might be a good deck for some deep questions.

Where will you dig in?  Reversed Moon.  Moody.  You are a deck to go to with moody questions.

 Who are you at your bare bones?  Reversed Sun.  Cut through the bullshit and give me the raw truth.

 Overall, any reading with this deck will give me the Fool, but I think that will work.

The vibes I get is that this is a deck for moody self-reflecting that will give me an honest look at things.  Let me bring my problems, and you will set me on the right path, à la the Fool.  

Cards of the Day

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild.

I am not dead.

 I suck on posting on my days off.  And with a 5-day weekend, I am happy I posted as much as I did.

So, clean slate this and see where Ace Wild takes me.

I don’t want Reversed Hierophant.  I don’t want a false prophet.  I am seeking truth and I need to get back on those fucking prompts…

I have Reversed Knight of Swords.  I have neglect on the ideas I have.  I am bogged down with physical work that I have not had a chance to think.

 I think Reversed Queen of Wands.  Again, have not had any time to think and there for, I think of nothing. 

 I feel Reversed Tower.  Yes.

Overall, the Fool.  Maybe I am at a start of something.  I need to do something.    Reversed Knight of Swords, Accept Love, and Affirmation for Growth.