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Card of the Year

Here we go.  In the year of Lord Bowie, 2022, what is my year card?

And after drawing my monthly cards and doing the math, my year card is the Hermit.

With my own personal journaling, the theme I picked decided on is ‘A Witch’s Journey.’  I really want to get more into tarot and cartomancy this year.  With my year card of being the Hermit, things look like they are lining up.

The tarot deck I will use for this month is the Statman Tarot, based on David Bowie.  That deck calls the Hermit the Alien.  And every card as an affirmation with it.  The Alien is:  I bring back knowledge from distant places.

And yes, I want to bring back that knowledge and share it with you.  Becoming a member of my Ko-Fi, I will be making posts about various cartomancy things. 

I’m going to try for a fun time this year.  Come join me!