Card of the Month

On the 1st of the year I pull 12 cards for each month.

Card for November is the 7 of Imps.

Oh, this is a sound card for me this month!

November has become this month of the afterglow of Halloween, a time to think and reflect.  Fall is here, and there is nothing to do but prep for winter and enjoy the cooling weather.

And with that, I am starting to do The Work, improving myself.  Better on all levels:  spiritually, physically, mentally, from my blood to my souls, this is a whole new transformation of myself.

And I know that it will be a bitch, and it will take time, and I will fall, but I will get up and claim any inches I can gain as a win for myself! 

This is the start, and the cards called it in January!

 Let’s do this! 


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