Cards of the Day/Jack-O’-Lantern Spread

Cards of the Day:  Jack-O’-Lantern Spread.

I am home and my shop is open!  And for fun, I am having a sale!  Use the discount code 1031 to receive 31% off!

And to add to the fun, I’m brining back my Jack-O’-Lantern spread for the month!

Heart of the Issue:  Cauldron.  Change.  I am making active change to my life and only want to add more to it.

Hidden Issue:  Lady de Los Muertos. What will be will be. I need to understand that and be ready to break that.

Major Obstacle: Joy. The changes I am working on will make me happier. And there is a part of me that doesn’t think I deserve to be happy.

Main Fear: Trick-Or-Treat. That I won’t be able to change and everything will stay the same.

Solution: Nightsong. If I am doing this, it’s going to take more then me to get it done.

What will happen if I engage the solution: Werewolf. I will win.

Overall, I have a better plan on what I need to do and how to do it.


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