Inner Witch Oracle

I don’t remember how but I do recall discovering a website called Kickstarter and finding three decks I had to have. 

And one of them was Practical Magic Inner Witch Oracle by @groundedbythemoon .

The artwork was what seduced me.  Yes, I know the movie and book and am delighted by the cards.  This whole deck is just the witchy vibe I live for.

Breaking out @owlandbonestarot Interview Spread, let’s see how this deck rides!

Where does your wisdom lie?  Firefly.  Around the edges.  You may not tell me directly, but you tell me.

What is your inner strength?  Lavender.  Being calm in the storm.  Will you be a soothing voice I need in times of trouble?

What might you not see?  Resurrection.  Epp.  You may not see the risks that are out there.  Ain’t that the point of divining is to SEE what may or may not happen?  Is this what you meant when you said your wisdom lies around the edges?

What makes you soar?  Witches Boots.  You are not going to be a liar, but if you can’t see, how am I sure you are not lying?

Where do you feel grounded?  Blood on the Moon.  In fate.  Ok…

Where will you dig in?  Sparrow.  In times of trouble.  Ok…

Who are you at your bare bones?  Rosemary.  Healing.

Overall, I am getting some mixed messages on how this deck will run. 

This should be a fun deck to break in. 


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