Cards of the Day/Aces Wild

Cards of the Day:  Aces Wild Reading!  Get your’s at my shop!

Reversed Ace of Cups:  Magician.

I don’t feel the action anymore.  I do see that.  I don’t feel that I am making as much forward progress with my 2022 goals like I should be doing.  There is a lot of little things to do that takes time and ergo, not moving forward as fast as I want to.

Ace of Pentacles:  Reversed High Priestess.

I have shit, I have it bad right now…

Ace of Wands:  Reversed 6 of Swords.

I want to be in a rut?  NO!  I get it now!  I want to be in that rut where I am an adult and doing all the adult things! 

Ace of Swords:  10 of Pentacles.

I think of happy endings.  I am thinking of something wonderful and I need to get my bitches on board about it.

Overall, the Tower.

I’m going home now.


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