Using my Halloween Tarot deck and taking a page from my owlandbonestarot tarot planner and tweaking it a bit, here is my mind/body/soul spread. 

In the past my mind was a Wheel of Fortune, my body was Reversed 6 of Pumpkins, and my soul was Queen of Bats.  My mind was free falling, my body was not at full point, and my soul was in pain.  Overall, I was the Lovers, not knowing what the hell I want. 

 Now, my mind is 5 of Ghost, my body is 9 of Ghost, and my soul is 8 of Ghost.  My mind is disappointed, my body is where is suppose to be and my soul is moving on (that might have to do with my break up…).  Over all I am the Emperor, I am reclaiming control over everything. 

What my mind needs is Reversed 3 of Bats, my body need Page of Bats, and my soul needs Knight of Bats.  My mind needs not to think about {him} so much, my body needs to move and my soul needs focus on getting to the next lvl.  Overall, the Empresses, I’m gonna come into my powers… I know what I need to do, I just need to fucking do it!


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