Day 15

Hello July!  With my Literary Witches Oracle deck and owl and bones July prompts, let’s dig deep this month!

Day 15. 

To balance! 

Root:  Joy Harjo.

Sacral:  Pond.

Solar Plexus:  Books.

Heart:  Agatha Christie.

Throat:  Virginia Woolf.

Third Eye:  Alejandra Pizarnik.

Crown:  Shirley Jackson. 

*blows dust off her books*  Ok.  Let me researched what each chakra is and try this out. 

To keep me balance balance, I need to be braver.  I do need to do the things that scare me, but at this time, I don’t know when I will get to it. 

To keep me overall balance, I need a shower?  I think I need to more effective in my self-care. 

To keep me soul balance, I need to fucking read! 

To keep my heart balance, it’s not and will not for a while.  I miss my DarkShark and last night was bad. 

To keep my mind balance, hmm.  I have a ToDoList, but I never seem to set a goal on when it’s all done.  I need a goal. 

To keep my higher vibes balance, I need DAYS OFF IN MY BASEMENT OF SOLITUDE!!!  Yes! 

To keep my soul balance, I need family time.  

This spread might become my new fav.


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