Day 14

Hello July!  With my Literary Witches Oracle deck and owl and bones July prompts, let’s dig deep this month!

Day 14.
Let in:  Wall.

Let out:  House.

Let go:  Braid.

Let rest:  Mirabai.

There is alot to unpack in this.
Let in a Wall.  Do I need to breakdown some walls?  And what walls would those be?

Let out the House.  I just want to spend a day home and the cards are saying let it out?  I don’t get it.

Let go Braid.  Ok, I am cutting off 7 inches of my hair this Friday.  This is a sign that this is the right decision. 

Let rest Mirabai.  The last few rituals I’ve done, I just didn’t feel it.  I think I need to lean on less formal and see how that floats this weekend. 


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