Day 13

Hello July!  With my Literary Witches Oracle deck and owl and bones July prompts, let’s dig deep this month!

Day 13.
Pencil:  Rabbit.

Pen:  Jamaica Kincaid.

Permanent Marker:  Leslie Marmon Silko.

Tattoo:  Teacup.

Ok, had to get the book out for theses.

Pencil, this fear is only temporary and will not last for long.

Pen, I am digging deep this month, so there is some lasting with that.

Permanent Marker, I am trying to get back to me as a first.  I want to be the main character in my own story.

Tattoo, Teacup don’t make sense here.  The book says a teacup is “ease, rest, small mind.”  The song lyrics “short and stout” pops into my head when I saw this card.

This might take a day or two to sink in.  


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